CSR News & Report 2.3.21

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People HUD Renews Funding for Thousands of Local Homeless Programs $2.5 billion to renew existing grants for more than 6,500 community-based housing and service providers Source: HUD Tracking Executive Orders Critical to Cities, Towns and Villages Source: NLC Toward a More Inclusive and Resilient Economic Development Paradigm By Steven Pedigo / Route Fifty Statement from [...]

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CSR News & Report 12.1.20

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People HUD Launches Recovery Housing Program to Aid Americans Recovering from Substance Abuse Source: HUD The National League of Cities Releases New Survey that Quantifies Pandemic’s Impact on America’s Cities, Towns and Villages Source: NLC A City Looks to Incorporate More, and More Diverse, Input Into Its Budget Process By Bill Lucia / Route [...]

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CSR News & Report 11.11.20

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People HUD’S Rental Assistance Demonstration Generates More Than $10 Billion in Construction Activity to Preserve Affordable Housing Source: HUD States Are Getting Close to Spending Down Federal Covid Aid By Bill Lucia / Route Fifty Digital Cities 2020: IT Foundation Key to COVID Response Source: Governing.com Local Interventions for Eviction Prevention and Why They [...]

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CSR News & Report 10.14.20

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People CDBG-CV Website and Program Support Now Available HUD is pleased to announce the launch of the new Community Development Block Grant CARES Act (CDBG-CV) website on the HUD Exchange. Through the CARES Act, Congress provided $5 billion for the CDBG-CV program to states, metropolitan cities, urban counties, and insular areas. Visit this new website to [...]

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CSR News & Report 10.1.20

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People HUD Finalizes Revised Section 3 Rule New rule will advance economic opportunity through streamlined processes and a more targeted approach Source: HUD National League of Cities' Response to New House Relief Proposal Source: NLC Why Your Local Government Needs a Social Media Policy Source: American City & County How State and Local Governments Are [...]

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CSR News & Report 9.8.20

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People HUD Provides Flexibilities for Emergency Solutions Grants Program Cares Act Funds Department working with states and local units of governments to aid vulnerable populations amid outbreak Source: HUD Is COVID the Killer of Innovation? Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) The Audrey M. Edmonson Transit Village Brings Affordable Housing and Community Assets to an Underinvested [...]

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CSR News & Report 8.26.20

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People New Report Shows Opportunity Zones on Track to Lift One Million Americans Out of Poverty Source: HUD How to Lift Up Communities with Opportunity Zones Source: ELGL Building Safety’s Essential Role in Resilience and Recovery The pandemic has exacerbated building departments' chronic under-resourcing. We need to invest in technology to boost their efficiency [...]

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CSR News & Report 8.11.20

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People Data Shows Where Government Work Has Grown, Decreased Which states have shed the most public employees? Which have added the most? And what types of jobs are leading the pack? New numbers from the Census Bureau help to illustrate the big picture. By Ben Miller / Government Technology HUD Awards $472 Million to Public Housing [...]

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CSR News & Report 7.27.20

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People What Local Leaders Are Saying About Lack of Local Government Aid in the Senate’s Coronavirus Relief Package Source: National League of Cities Pandemic Acts as Trial Run for Many Emerging Technologies Will a newfound open-mindedness last? Source: Government Technology HUD and Census Bureau Report New Residential Sales in June 2020 Source: HUD How Public [...]

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CSR News & Report 7.15.20

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People Governments, Technology and the Future of the Public Sector During COVID-19 many sectors are forced to remain operational. One, that has become increasingly important as the pandemic spreads, is local government By Kevin Grauman / American City & County Federal Housing Administration Proposes Streamlined Single Family Servicing Policies Source: HUD A Vision for Housing Policy [...]

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