Your program is unique, and the application management system you choose needs to be robust enough to meet your needs and surpass your expectations. Luckily, ZoomGrants™ is packed with powerful features. You can choose to use any or all of them to enhance your giving. Here is a partial list of what we offer…

Application Process

Your application process could include some (or all!) of these features.

Application Period

  • Pre-application/Eligibility quiz/LOI
  • Thorough, tailored questions
  • Applicant budgets, with calculations
  • Unlimited document attachments
  • Complex table-style data
  • Individualized follow-up questions

Review Period

  • Unique funding committees
  • Custom filters and views
  • Review specific application components
  • Weighted scoring, instant ranking
  • Record votes and funding recommendations
  • Committee chair decision management
  • Debate/Enter Trial Decisions
  • Convert to Official Decision
  • Mass communicate Official Decisions

Post-Decision Period

  • Contract management
  • Invoice tracking, including attachments
  • Payment tracking
  • Progress reporting – multiple periods, unique deadlines
  • Track/Calculate performance data
  • Upload administrative documents

Data Analysis

  • Saved dynamic reports for future use
  • Custom reports in printer-friendly or table formats
  • Calculate program-wide statistics
  • Export data to spreadsheet – .CSV

Other Features

Here’re some of the additional things you can expect when you use ZoomGrants™.


  • 24/7/365 access on your website
  • Auto-saved answers (Applicant favorite!)
  • Multi-lingual translations
  • Unlimited tech support
  • Unlimited role-based users
  • Fast search capabilities


  • Your questions, your way
  • Multiple answer types
  • Customizable reports
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Concurrent programs
  • Customizable workflow dashboard


  • Saved email templates, with mail merge
  • Activity Log on every application
  • Overall activity stream for the whole program
  • Audit log for super-fine scrutiny
  • Email notices of new applications received
  • Internal communication with committees
  • Announcements to different user groups


  • PDF/Email/Print applications
  • Pre-ZoomGrants™ historic data
  • Backup your data any time
  • Publish publicly viewable data
  • Helpful tutorials easily accessible in accounts

Didn’t see something you were hoping for?
Contact our Sales Team to let us know right away! We work closely with our clients to provide the features that are crucial to their success, and we are always willing to collaborate and add new features to facilitate continued success and improvement for all of our users.