ZoomGrants™ Pricing Comparison

Pricing Calculator

Pricing is based on the number of unique grant and scholarship programs you offer each year.

Annual Account Subscription $3,500
Enter the number of programs you offer each year to Organizations $2,500
Enter the number of programs you offer each year to Individuals (or more than 500 applications created) $0
ZoomGrants™ Cost per Year
(one time activation fee of $500 not included)
TOTAL per year $6,000
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Refer a new grantmaker to ZoomGrants™ and when they activate their first grant program, you will earn a free
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Realize Your Potential Savings

ZoomGrants™ vs. Paper

Enter the numbers from your current programs to find out how much money you can save annually by using ZoomGrants™ instead of doing it the old way. This is the amount that you would now be able to reinvest in your organization or community.

Paper Savings

Calculating how much paper you use can show you how much it is costing you (or your community) already for paper, toner, equipment maintenance, delivery, overhead, storage, etc. This does NOT include the environmental impact this also causes.

13,800 Pages of Paper used
$12,282 Paper Savings per Year
(calculated based on actual numbers reported by our clients)
Environmental Costs to Produce that Paper
Source: US Environmental Protection Agency statistics
27.6 Reams of paper
138 Pounds of paper
41,400 Gallons of water
230 Running faucet hours
10 Running faucet days
157 Pounds of Carbon Dioxide

Labor Savings

Your staff is probably over-qualified for making copies, preparing binders, collating, filing, correcting applications/binders, creating reports, researching, communicating, distribution, updating Facebook, reviewing, creating spreadsheets, data input, meeting management, decision management, etc. Using ZoomGrants™ will quickly clear up their time to focus on much higher priorities.
** Subsequent years achieve much greater time savings.

Staff salary (combined staff total, per year, including benefits)
Percentage of time saved
$12,500 Labor Savings per Year

Combined Savings

$24,782 Total Combined Savings per Year (Paper and Labor)
- $6,000 ZoomGrants™ Cost per Year (one time activation fee of $500 not included)
$18,782 Your Estimated Total Savings per Year

*Prices current as of March 1, 2021. Additional fees may be incurred for custom labor and higher data storage limits.